Key Areas for a Healthy Workplace

Source: National Mental Health Commission & The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance (Australia)

1. Smarter Work Design: More flexibility, greater individual and team input into decision- making, harm and hazard reduction 

2. Build Resilience: Training on stress management for high risk jobs using evidence-based approaches, increasing physical activity, and providing opportunities for mentoring and coaching 

3. Support Recovery: Helping employees reintegrate and get support during and after stressful life events and challenges with mental illness, having generous sick leave and accommodations 

4. Build Better Work Culture: Senior leadership engagement, mental health education, zero tolerance for bullying or discrimination, a climate of safety, mental health education, and change management that has open and realistic communication 

5. Early Intervention: Well-being checks, ability to seek help easily and early, evidence- based training for providers, opportunities for peer support 

6. Increase Awareness: Promoting mental health resources, trainings and programs, participating in community and national events and campaigns

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