Make the Pledge

Pledge to prevent suicide and take action that will make suicide prevention a health and safety priority at your workplace or professional association.

Our goal with the National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention is to support workplaces and professional associations in taking action steps in becoming more suicide-informed.

Once you have registered, you will begin to earn badges as you implement the 9 practices. Some organizations are ready to fully make this commitment as an entity. In other instances, individuals within organizations or independent from organizations want to get involved. For these reasons, you can register as a pledge partner on the individual level or on an organizational level.

Taking the Next Step

Registration Form

Whether registering as an individual or an organization, please tell us more about yourself or your group. If you are unsure or uncomfortable answering any question, please feel free to skip them. The information gathered in this registration process will be kept confidential and only used to help us evaluate the National Guidelines. If you are registering an organization, please assign one person to be the “Point of Contact.

Please include your full work email address.
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State or Region

Implementing the National Guidelines

This section of the survey asks about your workplace’s efforts to implement the National Guidelines.

Please rate the importance of each tactic for your workplace.

Suicide Prevention Tactics:Not at all ImportantSomewhat ImportantImportantVery Important

Workplace Demographics

Please take a few moments to respond to the following demographic questions. The purpose of this section is to help us make sure our survey is reaching a representative sample of viewpoints.

Workplace Culture & Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Crisis Response

The following questions focus on your company or organization’s culture regarding suicide prevention.

Choose the options that best reflects the extent to which these statements are true for your workplace.

Statement:Not at all TruePartially TrueCompletely True

Implementing the National Guidelines

The following questions ask about your workplace’s efforts to implement the National Guidelines.

To what extent has your organization prioritized the following nine practices from the National Guidelines. Please rate the priority level for each practice at your workplace.

Practice:Not a PriorityLow PriorityMedium PriorityHigh PriorityEssential

Experience with Suicide at Your Workplace

This section asks about suicide experiences in your workplace. Please answer to the best of your knowledge.

Knowledge About Suicide Prevention

These questions ask about your knowledge regarding suicide experiences resources and strategies.

Workplace Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This section focuses on your workplace’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Final Thoughts

This final question focuses on any other information that you would like to share about suicide prevention in your workplace.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to register to be a pledge partner of the National Guidelines. Now let's get started.

Note: Due to the strong security measures WSP has in place, the Captcha process may be implemented twice. If the page does not advance to the next step, please click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form a second time.


Have a company logo file?
To have your company logo featured on the site as an Official Pledge Partner, please email your image file/s to us at
•  Email:
•  Recommended image size: 1000px x 1000px
•  Formats accepted: JPG, PNG + PDF

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